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"What Are The Federal Work-Study Programs?"

The government awards three types of financial aid for higher education: grants, loans, and work-study. The following is a description of the Work-Study Program.

Details: Provides jobs for undergraduate and graduate students with financial need allowing them to earn money while attending school. The focus is on providing work experience in your area of study. Generally, you will work for your school on campus, or for a nonprofit organization, or a public agency if you work off campus. You will have a limit on the hours you can work in this program. The government provides limited funds for individual schools to administer this program.

Based on: Financial need, other aid you receive, and the availability of funds at your school.

Amount: Federal minimum wage or higher.

Cost: None.

To apply: Contact your school to find out if additional information is required other than the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Deadlines are determined by each school and may be earlier than the FAFSA deadline.

How you get the money: Paid by the hour if you’re an undergraduate. Paid by the hour or a salary if you’re a graduate school student.

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