"Right Here, We Will Try To Explain The Primary Cause Of Your Job Frustrations And Exasperations"

"Readers, assembling your personal resources correctly is
critical to your success"

I cannot think of anyone who would:

  • hire an attorney to write ad copy
  • ask their accountant to design a skyscraper

...And yet, most people often work well below their OWN capacity because they wrongly choose to put themselves into surroundings and take on work loads for which they aren't best suited.

This simple detail accounts for many of the frustrations and exasperations you surely have in your daily life - in business, and in your relationships. To be honest, business IS about relationships, right?(grin)

Okay? Excited? Great!

"Self-Awareness Of Your Strong Points And Achilles Heels Is Of Mega-Value"

Example: What if Michael Jordan never realized how well he played basketball, and instead spent his prime years playing "average" baseball in the minors?

And, what if Sly Stallone hadn't recognized the fact that he was a great action star, and had dropped Rambo and never wrote the Rocky movies, so that he could sing in Rhinestone 2, 3, 4, and 5? (If you didn't see Rhinestone, Sly sang country music with Dolly Parton... it wasn't one of his sparkling moments.)

- You could be the work-alone genius currently in a management position where you don't excel.

- You may be building the products while you're better suited to be selling the products. Here's the thing:

If you work for someone else, you may not have the opportunity to choose your "dream job", and if you're an entrepreneur or own your own business, you may be forced into spending your time at chores you don't like or aren't best suited for, just because you don't quite recognize what your strong and weak points are.

Self awareness is a thorny issue. If you can't get the most out of yourself with the least effort, you're in for a much harder life than you should be living.

I strongly encourage you to take the following personality test - What you learn may be very interesting... and profitable... to you. ;-o

Go to: Personality Test

-Try the test (it just takes a few minutes). Read the guidelines before you start.

One more note. . . at the bottom of your personality profile pages, there are links to "Careers" and "Relationships" for your personality type. Read these as well. These will give you some great insight as to which careers, and friendships, will make you happiest.

One final thought: We definitely spend more time trying to maneuver inside our competitors' heads than we do gazing inside our own (grin). Make sure you're getting the most valuable "competitive intelligence" in the world... your own!

And remember, to realize your dreams, you must awaken!

Thank you for visiting,

Al Brouillard

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