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"International Students' Requirements"

If you are not a US citizen, you may have somewhat fewer opportunities for aid. To receive aid from the US government, you must be a citizen, US national, or permanent resident. Very specific groups of non-citizens are also eligible. Still, your own government may have funds to help, and many American colleges provide aid to international students as well.

For more information on aid for international students, get a copy of Funding for US Study: A Guide for Foreign Nationals.

Most colleges will request that you complete the following: CSS Foreign Student Financial Aid Application (FSFAA) and Certificate of Finances (COF). These are available from the college financial aid or admissions offices. Some colleges require their own financial aid forms for international students instead of, or in addition to, these forms. You should refer to the individual applications for more information.

Exceptions to this are students who are not US citizens or permanent residents but whose parents live or earn income in the USA. If you are in this category, most colleges will ask you to use the PROFILE service instead.

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